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Satellite Junction Repair


We repair cracked underground pipe junctions with the trenchless satellite junction repair system

Satellite junction repair offers you a cost-effective and no-dig solution to cracked, leaking and dislodged pipe junctions. We use the latest German pipe relining technologies to access your underground pipe junctions and provide immediate and permanent repairs.

Our pipe reliners have 15 years of experience with pipe rehabilitation and repair. We offer economical solutions to worn out, collapsed, broken and damaged pipes with innovative and revolutionary relining solutions.

Our pipe lining methods are trenchless, with minimal invasion and disruption to your landscape. We provide immediate and quick repairs to difficult and inaccessible pipe locations, especially in commercial and industrial systems that are located in busy districts with interconnected drainage systems.

We use high-tech drain cameras and robotic cutters with high-pressure drain jets to give you permanent and sustainable repair solutions. Our reliable reline plumbers are quick and efficient with extensive knowledge of all types of pipe repairs. Whether you have a blockage or cracked pipes, we offer precise repair with an accurate diagnosis. 


What’s Involved In Satellite Junction Repair?

We use the latest SteamBox technology to repair cracked junctions without expensive and labour-intensive excavation. Our satellite  junction repair involves lining an inflatable 3 way bladder with epoxy or silicate resin and inserting it into the pipe junction. The bladder is inflated into the shape of the junction and cured with the aid of circulated steam or ambient air. 

The SteamBox allows us to apply precise pressure and temperature control to speed up the curing process while inflating the bladder in a single step. This gives you perfectly repaired, brand new pipe junctions. It also saves you time, money, and the hassle of disrupting your personal or business schedule.

Before repairing your pipe junction, we use CCTV drain cameras to locate and identify the pipe junctions and needed repairs. All blockages or obstructions are removed with high-pressure drain jets and robotic drain cutters. A final check using drain cameras is carried out to ensure that the junctions have been repaired perfectly, with recorded footage and images for proof of work.

We repair all types of junctions, including stormwater, sewer, copper, cast iron, pvc, clay and asbestos. Our pipe rehabilitation services include sectional and complete pipe repairs using the latest technology and innovative repair techniques.

With flexible appointment times and punctual, speedy and reliable services.

We cover all areas across Sydney’s Northern and Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD and Inner West. Our pipe technicians are proficient in all aspects of pipe repair and renewal, from sectional to full pipe and junction repairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our satellite pipe junction repair involves the use of specialised SteamBox technology to fix cracked or damaged sections of underground pipes where two or more pipes connect. We start by lining a 3-way inflatable bladder with silicate resin or epoxy and inserting it into the damaged junction. Once there, we inflate the bladder so that it takes the shape of the junction and then allow it to cure.
Yes, the process typically involves sealing the entire junction where two or more pipes come together. This is done to prevent leaks and ensure that the pipes can continue to function properly.
Several materials can be used to seal cracked pipe junctions, however, we normally use silicate resin or epoxy to seal the cracks or leaks because of their strength and durability. These materials create a watertight seal and can withstand a range of temperatures and environmental conditions.
Epoxy or silicate resin is typically cured by exposing it to air or heat after it has been applied to the inner surface of the pipe junction. We use circulated steam or ambient air to cure the liner. The SteamBox provides accurate pressure and temperature control to speed up the curing process, giving us a perfectly repaired and sealed pipe junction.

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