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Professional High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Services


Local and qualified blocked drain cleaning plumbers across Sydney.

Are you looking for reliable drain cleaning services to avoid stubborn blockages and keep your drains well-maintained? We can help.

We offer a complete range of drain cleaning services to get rid of stubborn pipe and sewer blockages. Whether you have a blocked toilet, kitchen sink or stormwater drain, our expert plumbers will have it fixed in no time.

We apply our extensive experience and industry knowledge to give you cost-effective drain cleaning and repair solutions. Using CCTV drain cameras and high-pressure water jets, we get to the source of the blockage and resolve it quickly and efficiently.

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Do You Need High-Pressure Drain Cleaning?

Recurring blocked drains can lead to nasty messes with unhygienic and smelly conditions. If ignored, they can cause pipe damage and expensive repairs to your plumbing fixtures and property. Using chemical drain openers and DIY fixes like plungers and rods can escalate the problem, pushing the blockage further down the pipes, and causing cracks and leakages.

High-pressure drain cleaning involves using powerful water jets to eliminate stubborn blockages, tree roots and plant growth. It’s eco-friendly and non-intrusive, utilising small nozzles and high-pressure water jet sprays to reach every corner of your drain.

We use the latest plumbing technology and equipment to keep your drains clean and functioning perfectly. Our plumbers are reliable professionals who work diligently, with minimum disruption and mess. We operate with a solution-focused approach to provide sustainable and long term plumbing drain maintenance and repair.

From unblocking bathroom and kitchen drains to repairing root damage and burst pipes, we give you quality plumbing services you can count on.

Blocked Drain

The Blocked Drain Specialists

We have over 15 years of experience clearing the blocked drains of residential, strata, commercial and industrial properties. This has equipped us with an innate knowledge of the working mechanisms of both small and large scale drainage systems and the most effective strategies to resolve general and complex drain issues.

You can trust us to give you an accurate diagnosis of your drain blockage with tried and tested repair solutions. Our drain cleaning and maintenance services include: 

We offer flexible appointment times to facilitate your personal and business schedules. Our plumbers arrive in a fully equipped van to tackle your drain problems with efficiency and expertise. We also provide 24/7 emergency services with an immediate and rapid response to sudden plumbing crises.

We cover all areas of Sydney, including the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower and Upper North Shore, the Hills District and Sydney CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions

When carried out by trained plumbers, high-pressure drain cleaning should not damage your pipes. It is the safest method to flush out stubborn drain blockages, as no chemicals or invasive methods are used in the process. To do this we insert tiny nozzles inside your drains and use high-pressure water spray to clear the obstruction that doesn’t cause any damage to your pipes.
This method of drain cleaning involves using a high-pressure stream of water to cut through tree roots and other obstructions. The water is typically forced through a small, high-pressure nozzle at a very high velocity, which allows it to easily cut through tough materials like tree roots growing inside the underground pipes.
Yes, typically a high-pressure jet blaster will require a power source to operate. This power source can be either petrol, diesel or electricity, depending on the specific equipment being used. The water jetter that we use runs on a petrol motor, and for smaller drains we use an electric jetter.
We have the experience, skills and equipment to effectively clean all types and sizes of drain pipes on domestic, commercial, strata and industrial properties, including toilets, showers, kitchens, stormwater and sewer drains.
Water jetter is the fastest and more effective method of drain cleaning as it can easily clear stubborn drain blockages and cut through the tree roots, leaving no residue inside the drain pipe. An electric eel, on the other hand, often pushes the obstruction deeper down the pipes, causing more damage than good. An electric eel can also cause damage to your pipes as it is a large aggressive metal head rotating in your pipes banging from side to side.

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