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Ready Set Reline

Pipe Relining Inner West

The leading pipe relining company for residential, commercial and strata properties in the Inner West

Our team of trained and experienced pipe relining specialists have been repairing drains in Sydney’s Inner West and surrounding areas for 15 years. We offer a lasting and cost-effective repair solution for damaged, cracked or corroded pipes using the latest pipe relining technology.
If you have drain issues with hard-to-access pipes, pipe relining from specialists in the Inner West might be for you. By using pipe relining technology, our process ensures lasting repair for your pipes without messy digging. Often completed on the same day as inspection, we can repair sections of the pipe, or entire lengths. Pipe relining reinforces your damaged pipe faster and with less disruption, making your pipe last for years to come.

Pipe Relining To Save You Time and Money

By using the state-of-the-art pipe relining technology, we can fix damaged pipes at a fraction of the cost, time and hassle involved in traditional repair methods. As no excavation is required, mess and disruption on your property is significantly reduced.

Now you don’t need to uproot driveways, gardens or floors to gain access to your damaged pipes. Our relining plumbers in the Inner West can also repair hard to access drains with multiple bends and joints – right from the surface.

As a result there is no major damage to the landscape, which means there is no need for extensive, costly and time-consuming restoration work. With pipe relining, we make your drains as good as new in a matter of hours and no damage to your property!

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How Pipe Relining Works

Pipe relining solutions are a modern pipe repair method which serves as a simpler alternative to traditional pipe replacement. Since the process is fast, our relining plumbing team in Inner West Sydney can get your drain functional in less than a day.

  1. We start by inspecting the drain with our CCTV drain camera that helps us assess your pipe’s condition and locate the damage.
  2. Once we have identified the problematic area, we clear the drain using high pressure water jetting equipment.
  3. After we have cleaned and prepared the drain for relining, we insert the new epoxy resin liner into the pipe.
  4. The liner is inflated so that it sticks to the damaged area and cured until it hardens and melds with the existing pipe. We also circulate hot water in the pipe to speed up the curing process and quickly get your drain operational.
  5. Once we are done with relining your pipes, we execute a quality check to make sure your drain is flowing smoothly again.

Our pipe relining process is not only non-intrusive but also helps increase the efficiency and lifespan of your drain. Relined pipes are 3 times stronger than a PVC pipe, have better water flow, and can last up to 50 years!


If you are experiencing problems with your drains in the Inner West, get in touch with Ready Set Reline and have your pipes assessed today.

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