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Robotic Pipe Cutting And Repair


The revolutionary new relining solution that removes pipe obstructions efficiently with minimum disruption.

We use high tech robotic pipe cutters to remove drain blockages like concrete, metal and tree roots. We also use these daily to reinstate junctions that have been relined over. This creates a smooth and clear surface, prepping the pipe for rehabilitation. It also allows us to accurately plot and re-open the lateral connections after water flow has been restored.

Robotic pipe cutting gives you a cost-effective and no-dig alternative to expensive pipe replacement and repairs. It effortlessly locates and removes obstructions deep underground using a single access point, negating the need for costly excavation and landscape disruptions.

We provide expert robotic pipeline cutting services with complete and sectional pipe renewal and rehabilitation. Our drain technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to:

Robotic cutting allows us to quickly clear blockages no matter where they’re located. We apply our expert pipe relining and patching skills for an immediate and effective repair. This gives you perfectly functioning pipes without any unsightly digging or disruptions to your landscape – all in less than a day. 

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Robotic cutting

How Do Robotic Pipe Cutters Work?

Robotic cutting machines are deployed from above ground and are equipped with sophisticated CCTV cameras that give us a clear view of the inside of your drains. These cameras can record images and videos, allowing us to identify the precise locations of the blockages and damage inside your drains. 

Our high tech robotic cutters have a powerful diamond-impregnated head that can cut through wood, concrete, metal, liner or tree roots. They come with a flexible air hose that can be inserted in enclosed spaces and reach up to distances of more than 70 metres. The head can be operated at 360 angles to efficiently remove any obstructions and to grind joints and connections, leaving the area clear for the newly reinforced pipelining.

These high tech robotic pipe cutters can easily navigate 90-degree bends and pipe diameter changes from 80mm to 300mm. They are minimally invasive, do not damage your pipe interiors, and are a safer and faster alternative to other traditional plumbing methods.

15 Years Of Pipe Relining And Rehabilitation

We bring you innovative and high tech plumbing technology with extensive plumbing expertise and experience. This gives you permanent and sustainable solutions to your plumbing problems with low-cost and durable repair strategies. 

Our pipe reliners are licensed and certified, with up-to-date training in the latest pipe relining methodologies that deliver guaranteed results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our robotic pipe cutters are basically used to cut through materials that cannot be removed with water jetters such as concrete, metal, wood, tree roots and pipe liner. They are also used to prepare pipes for relining by clearing blockages and smoothening the inner surface of the pipes, and reopening lateral connections once the pipe has been relined.
Our robotic cutters are equipped with advanced CCTV cameras that provide us with a clear picture of the internal condition of your drain pipes, pinpointing the exact location of pipe damage or blockage. Once we have the damage located, we insert the robot’s powerful diamond-impregnated steel cutting head attached to a flexible air hose into the pipe, to precisely clear obstructions, grind joints and smoothen pipe surfaces, making them ready for relining.
The push cable that we use is over 70 metres long and can easily navigate through 90-degree pipe bends and diameter changes ranging from 80mm to 300mm.
Our specialised robotic cutters have diamond-impregnated heads that can rotate at 360 degrees and grind the obstructions deep within your underground pipes without causing any damage to your pipe’s internal surface. At the moment, we have 3 robotic cutters in total; 2x IMS Robotics cutters and 1x Dancutter robotic cutter.

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