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Hills District Pipe Relining Experts

Do you Want A Long-Term, Cost-Effective Solution To Blocked Drains In Hills District?

If you’re battling frequent drain blockages and leaking pipes, we’ve got the solution for you. Without the exorbitant costs, drawn-out repair times and disruption to your landscape.

Our Hills District pipe relining services provide trenchless repair to broken, cracked or leaking pipes using the latest no-dig technology. With over 15 years of experience in pipe relining, patching, and junction repair, we can provide you with:

With a 100% guarantee on workmanship and 20 million insurance coverage for your protection and peace of mind.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining involves using an epoxy-cured resin to create a liner inside the damaged pipe to fill cracks, seal leaks, remove rough edges and repair cracked junctions. A poly-woven felt or fibreglass liner is soaked in resin and cut to the exact dimensions of the damaged pipe. It is then set in place using hot water and UV light until it hardens. Leaving you with a fully repaired drain pipe with a lifespan of 50 years!

We use a Watermarked approved sewer pipe relining system, which meets the requirements of the AS3500 and complies with the highest standards of the Relining Code of Australia.

Hills District Pipe Relining Process

We begin by carrying out a CCTV drain camera inspection to locate the blockages and evaluate the condition of the drain pipes. It provides live surveillance and recorded visuals, allowing us to determine the root cause of the blockage, for example, tree root intrusion, misalignment or broken pipes.

Our blocked drain pipe relining experts then formulate a repair strategy, focusing on the target areas and overall repair and reinforcement. We then clean the drains with high-pressure drain jets to clear dirt, debris and growth. To access the pipes, we use a manhole or dig a small temporary opening that is closed up after the work is completed.

Lastly, we prepare the liner and allow it to set, testing the water flow and function. And dispose of the waste offsite, leaving your home or business in pristine condition.

Hills District Pipe Relining Cost

We pride ourselves on honest and transparent pricing, providing a detailed and accurate list of the labour and materials used. The pipe relining process usually takes less than a day but may take longer for large-scale commercial or industrial projects.

There is an initial equipment set-up charge, and the material pricing is done per metre. Some other factors to keep in mind are the accessibility to the drain or sewage, complexity and the time duration of the project.
Rest assured that our team is always upfront, keeping you informed, clearing your concerns and ensuring a clear line of communication from start to finish.

Need a quote? Get one and compare. We promise to beat any comparable quote that can match our high quality and flawless work.

A Complete Range Of Pipe Rehabilitation And Restoration Services

We provide innovative and cutting-edge pipe relining techniques for a full, sectional or pipe junction repair.

Hills District High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Get rid of stubborn blockages and keep drains well maintained with our high-pressure drain cleaning services. The powerful blast of water from our hydro jets effectively removes stubborn blockages, dirt, debris, and plant growth. It also helps with routine drain and sewer maintenance, especially in commercial properties with high waste output, preventing future plumbing emergencies like burst pipes and flooding.

Hills District Robotic Cutting Services

Our state-of-the-art robotic cutters remove concrete, metal, and tree roots, effortlessly locating obstructions deep underground with a single access point. These high-tech machines are compact and flexible, equipped with CCTV cameras to efficiently navigate tight corners and bends to reach every area of underground drainage and sewers.

The diamond-impregnated head can cut through any obstruction such as wood, metal, concrete, liner and tree roots to clear the way for our pipe relining process. Providing a clear and smooth surface to start the pipe relining process quickly without digging and searching for blockages.

Hills District Pipe Patch Repair

Pipe patching provides trenchless repair for damaged sections or isolated pipe repair. It involves using the same method as pipe relining by preparing a fibreglass and silicate resin patch to cover the damaged section. We offer expert pipe patch repair for all types of pipes such as PVC, clay, cast iron or polythene. It’s a quick and effective remedy to repair specific areas of the drain pipe, needing only a small access point and CCTV cameras to identify the location.

Hills District Satellite Junction Repair

Struggling with broken, cracked or dislodged pipe junctions? We offer satellite pipe junction repair using the latest German Steambox pipe relining technology. Without expensive excavation and for all types of junction repair in stormwater, sewers and drains.

Don’t Dig! Call Our Hills District Pipe Relining Specialists to Save Your Landscape And Drains

We’re a family-owned and operated, local pipe relining company dedicated to offering our loyal Hills District homes and businesses the latest pipe repair technology. Economical and proven for durability and long-term results, our pipe relining solutions save time, giving you maximum value for money.


If you are experiencing problems with your drains in the Inner West, get in touch with Ready Set Reline and have your pipes assessed today.

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