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Why Should You Choose Drain Relining for Your Sydney Property?


Damaged drain pipes are one of the most bothersome drainage-related issues. Traditionally, damaged drain lines were repaired through an extensive and costly digging and reinstallation process. The pipelines, buried several metres beneath the surface and hidden under paved surfaces, make this a difficult task. However, thanks to modern technology, drainage pipes can be repaired through the simple and cost-effective process known as drain relining.

So, what exactly is Drain Relining?

Drain relining is a technique for repairing drainage pipes by inserting a new pipe, known as a liner, into an already damaged pipe. This uses No-Dig repair technology and drain sleeves that resemble glass-reinforced plastic. Drain Relining provides a higher quality of service as opposed to standard pipe replacement techniques. This is because it avoids a number of inconveniences like infrastructure replacement and landscape restoration.

Why Should You Choose Drain Relining for Pipe Repair?

Compared to the conventional method of excavation and replacement, drain relining offers many benefits. Here are a few of them:

    • Reduced Drain Relining Cost

Drain relining saves significantly more money than pipe replacements because it doesn’t require the same large-scale excavation. There are also no replacement costs as pipe relining doesn’t damage infrastructure, concrete sidewalks, or other landscaping.

    • Speedy Repairs

Pipe relining is a relatively simple and quick method, and the service time will depend on the scope of the project. Larger projects, which ordinarily take weeks to finish, are completed in a couple of days. Smaller projects that typically take days to finish are completed in a matter of hours.

    • Reliable and Durable

Relining your drain pipes increases their durability more than traditional drain repairs. This relieves the stress of having to frequently fix or replace your pipes. Increased durability leads to increased longevity, and relined pipes can last for years, making it a worthwhile investment.

    • Increased Flow Capacity

The low friction surface of drain liners has a significant impact on water flow, increasing flow capacity by removing obstructions that can form on concrete, cast iron, or clay pipes.

    • Effective Preventive Measure

Pipes are completely sealed during the relining process, filling the gaps inside the pipes with the liner. This process offers a seamless, long-lasting, and permanent solution to drain repair needs, eliminating the possibility of leaks or tree root interference. This also protects against the possibility of future structural damage.

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