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UV Pipe Relining: Fast Pipe Repairing Services in Sydney

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Pipe rehabilitation has revolutionised the plumbing industry by providing long-lasting and quick repair solutions at half the cost of traditional pipe repair. Pipe relining is minimally intrusive with no need for costly excavation or disruption to your landscape. The entire process is completed in less than a day, depending on the pipe length and the extent of the damage, giving you reinforced pipes with a life span of 50 years!

UV pipe relining takes the repair game a step further. Instead of a couple of hours, you get fully repaired pipes in minutes! Yes, you read it right. Your drain and sewer pipe cracks and leakages are fixed within minutes, allowing you to turn on the water supply in an hour.

How is that possible?
To understand this process, we’ll briefly go into how the pipe relining technology works.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining, also known as CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) lining, creates a brand-new pipe inside your old one. A poly woven, felt, or fibreglass liner is soaked with epoxy or resin and inserted into the damaged pipe. The liner is cut to the same length and dimension as the damaged pipe and inflated with compressed air. This is then cured into place using air (ambient curing), hot water, or steam. Ambient curing takes about 10 to 12 hours to set, and hot water curing takes 4 to 5 hours.

What is UV Pipe Relining?

UV relining is the same as conventional pipe relining with one key difference. This relining method uses ultraviolet rays to cure the liner for instant results. When the resin-soaked liner is inflated inside the old pipe, UV light machines are deployed to activate the resin, hardening it as it moves along the interior.

Other than getting instant results, UV pipe relining offers many other advantages when compared to heat and ambient curing methods and conventional pipe repair. These benefits include:

Quicker and Easier Installation

UV pipe relining equipment is lightweight and compact, making for a more efficient installation with minimal human intervention. The entire procedure is mechanical, from inserting and inflating the liner to deploying the CCTV cameras and UV controllers. The liner is pre-constructed off-site and soaked in a resin which can only be activated with UV light. This speeds up the installation process as pipe relining installers only need to insert, inflate, and set the liner. The liner application can be examined for wrinkles and corrected as the liner won’t harden until the UV light machines are sent in. The results are seamless and precise, with a perfectly set liner and fully repaired pipes within an hour.

Improved Water Flow Capacity

The liners used in UV pipe relining are constructed from high-quality fibreglass material. It forms a thinner and more durable seal inside the pipe than the liners cured with heat or air, improving the water flow capacity and allowing for future rehabilitation if required.

No Risk of Damage to Pipe Infrastructure

Excess heat and water weight can be potentially dangerous to suspended pipework. The large quantities of water used during curing can collapse hanging pipework and take longer to complete due to extra precautions. With UV light technology, there is no chance of any damage to your PVC pipes because the machines are so light and only enter the pipe being relined.

Improved Flexibility

During ambient and heat curing methods, the liners can be set before the job is completed. However, with UV curing, the liner won’t set until the UV controllers are sent in. The ease and speed of installation allows pipe relining contractors to complete larger jobs and multiple repairs in one go. They don’t have to wait for one section to be cured and completed before moving on to the next pipe. This makes UV pipe relining cost-effective and practical with more efficient results.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Hot curing uses large quantities of water to set liners. The fumes released from the steam and resin are detrimental to worker health and a lot of water is wasted during the process. Another issue with hot curing is the excess resin falling into sewers and contaminating water. UV pipe relining eliminates these issues with a simpler and faster setting process and superior results.

And most importantly, UV pipe relining is trenchless. So, there’s no pain or heartbreak when your beautiful landscape is destroyed. UV pipe relining is the perfect solution for high-traffic business properties or shared facilities that can’t shut off their water supply for hours. What’s better than instant pipe repair and a permanent fix for drain blockages, leakages, and tree root intrusion?

Get Lightning Quick Repair with UV Pipe Relining

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