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Trenchless Pipe Relining Versus Traditional Pipe Repair – What you Need To Know


Trenchless Pipe Relining Versus Traditional Pipe Repair – What you Need To Know

Do you have frequent drain blockages at your home or business? Or are your sewer pipes damaged because of tree root intrusion?

Pipe problems can happen on any property. They can be caused by general wear and tear of pipes, leakages, or misalignment of pipes because of shifting in soil or tree root growth. Whatever the reason, drain and sewer pipe repair must not be delayed at any cost.

The cracks widen, tree roots dig in deeper and stubborn drain blocks can lead to flooding and burst pipes. So, what do you do when you discover that your pipes may need repair or replacement?
There are two drain pipe repair methods: trenchless pipe relining and conventional pipe replacement. We’re going to go over both, listing their pros, cons and methodology to help you make the right decision for effective, long-term pipe repair.

What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining, also known as trenchless pipe repair and pipe rehabilitation, offers no-dig pipe repair for full and sectional pipe repair. It’s affordable, minimally invasive and only takes less than a day.

Pipe relining experts access damaged pipes from above ground, using the manhole or making a small temporary entrance to reach the pipes. CCTV drain cameras are used to pinpoint the location of the leak, blockage or crack and evaluate the condition of the pipe. The live surveillance and recorded images provide a clear, unobstructed view of the drain interior, allowing the plumbing contractors to diagnose precise repair solutions.

High-pressure drain jets are inserted into the drain to clear blockages, dirt, debris or tree roots before commencing repair. Pipe relining technology involves lining the damaged pipe with an epoxy resin and curing it to form a brand new, fully repaired interior! It gives you:

  • Completely repaired pipes 4 times stronger than PVC
  • Long-term repair with a life span of 50 years
  • No disruption to your landscape with unsightly digging
  • Economical repair at half the cost of traditional pipe replacement

What Can Trenchless Pipe Relining Be Used For?

No-dig pipe repair utilises the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment for trenchless sewer and blocked drain pipe relining. The pipe relining cost is calculated per metre with the equipment set up and labour charges.

Pipe relining offers long-term repair for both full and isolated sections of the pipes. That means you don’t have to bear the cost of full pipe replacement as compared to traditional pipe repair. Only the broken or damaged area of the pipe is relined.

Small patches with leaks or breaks, misaligned pipes, and cracked junctions can all be easily fixed using pipe relining technology without any digging or mess. It also restores old, worn-down pipes, extending their functionality for another 5 decades.

Pipe Replacement

Pipe replacement requires excavation to reach the damaged pipes and replace them with new ones. It’s time-consuming and labour-intensive, and the costs are double that of pipe relining. Especially if the site is under a building, sidewalk or garden. Appropriate permissions must be taken from the Water Authority, which can take a couple of days. After the replacements, the area has to be re-landscaped, further adding to the cost.

Traditional pipe replacement should only be considered as the last option where the damage is too extensive and cannot be repaired by pipe relining.

Is Pipe Relining The Answer to Your Drain And Sewer Problems?

Pipe relining technology is versatile and economical, having the flexibility to access drain and sewer pipes deep underground without digging. It can reach 90-degree bends, corners and junctions.

Trenchless pipe repair can be used for any type of pipe, including PVC, polythene, asbestos, cast iron, clay and copper. All the equipment is non-invasive, from CCTV cameras to hydro jets and robotic tree cutters.

If you’re looking for permanent, cost-effective pipe repair that increases the life expectancy of your drain and sewer pipes, pipe relining is the perfect solution for you.

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