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High Pressure Drain Cleaning – The Most Effective Solution for Blocked Drains

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Are you tired of frequent drain blockages and the mess that comes with them? Have you tried drain rods, DIY solutions, and store-bought drain cleaners to no avail? Then it’s time for a more effective solution, such as high-pressure drain cleaning.

High pressure drain cleaning involves clearing drain blockages with a powerful blast of water from a hydro jet. It’s safe, trenchless, and removes even the most stubborn drain blockages, including tree roots. This gives you perfectly clean, smooth flowing drains in less than an hour, getting rid of deposits and waste buildup in your drain pipes.

Want to learn more about high pressure drain cleaning and how it eliminates tough drain blockages? Read on to find out more!

What is High Pressure Drain Cleaning?

High pressure water jet cleaning involves clearing blocked drains with a water hose attached to a pressure washer and the correct PSI (3000 to 5000) levels. Drain jets have a variety of nozzles and attachments which can be used to clear drains of different lengths and diameters.

Only a certified blocked drain plumber has the skills and experience to use high pressure drain cleaners correctly and without damaging your pipes. Too much pressure can damage or break the pipes, and less pressure may be insufficient for cleaning the blockage, only pushing it further down.

In some situations, drain cameras may be required before drain cleaning to locate the blockage and ensure further damage is not caused by already worn down piping material. Any holes or cracks in the drain pipe must be repaired with pipe patch repair or relining to avoid future blockages and tree root intrusions. If not, you could be looking at the same problem in a couple of months and, in worse cases, burst pipes because of tree root growth.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Tree root intrusion
  • Fat and grease buildup
  • Foreign objects in the drain
  • Debris, growth, and litter
  • Soap scum, hair, and sanitary products

Another cause is soil movement, leading to displaced pipes, slow water pressure, and holes or breaks in drain pipes.

Benefits of High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Blocked drains are a plumbing menace that everyone has had to face at one time or another. But they become increasingly stressful when they keep coming back, bringing unhygienic conditions, water damage, and expensive piping repairs.

High pressure drain cleaners provide a multitude of benefits, helping keep your drains well-maintained and blockage free for longer. Some of the advantages high pressure drain cleaning include:

Quick and Efficient Service

Cleaning drains with high pressure water jets takes less than an hour, depending on the size of the pipe. Using only the force of the water, all waste, deposits, and debris in the drain and sewer pipes are cleared without digging holes or trying to access pipe bends and corners.

As the procedure is non-invasive and minimally disruptive, there is no damage to the piping material or your landscape .

Environmentally Friendly

High pressure drain cleaners are eco-friendly and non-invasive, only using water to clear blockages and the drain opening to access the pipe. There’s no need to use harmful chemicals or heavy equipment. Only a hose with the correct attachment is enough to clear the blockage. This ensures that there is no damage to the piping material with chemicals or toxins in the pipe.

Drain Maintenance

High pressure drain cleaning helps with routine drain maintenance, preventing recurring drain blockages by keeping the pipes clear. CCTV drain cameras also help identify the source of the drain blockage, potential repair issues, and plumbing problems before they can escalate.

Cost Effective

Hydro jetting incurs a one-time cost that eliminates the need for constantly buying drain cleaners or calling plumbers for blocked toilets, kitchen sinks, and laundry basins. With just one visit, you get a long-term fix for blocked drains with precise repair solutions for damaged and leaking pipes.

Sydney’s Blocked Drain Experts

Ready Set Reline offers a complete range of blocked drain and pipe relining solutions for homes and businesses across Sydney. Whether you want high pressure drain cleaning for recurring drain blockages or cost-effective pipe repair services for sectional or full pipes, we’re here to help.

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