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Top 5 Benefits Of Sewer Pipe Relining Vs Conventional Pipe Repair


Blocked drains and sewers are among the most common plumbing problems faced by home and business owners in Sydney. Often property owners take to plungers, drain rods, and chemical openers to unblock overflowing toilets and sinks. Such DIYs may offer a temporary respite to the blockages, but it usually pushes the blockage further down the pipes, escalating the issue until it comes back with a vengeance.

Sewer drain blockages, if ignored, eventually damage pipes, widening cracks and causing breakages. Recurring drain blockages must be inspected by a professional plumber who can get to the root of the issue with a CCTV drain camera inspection. It locates the source of the blockage that may be caused by accumulated dirt, debris, waste, or tree root intrusion.

At this stage if you’re already calculating the thousands of dollars you will need to replace or repair damaged sewer pipes, then you can relax. Now you have an affordable alternative to broken and leaking pipes with the no-dig sewer pipe relining technology!

This technology gives you a perfectly repaired sewer without excavation at half the cost of traditional pipe replacement. From repairing isolated sections of your sewer pipes to pipe rehabilitation for old and worn-down pipes, it’s the best solution for damaged sewer pipes.

What is Sewer Pipe Relining?

Sewer pipe relining involves creating a new pipe inside your old one by inserting an epoxy-soaked liner. The liner hardens and sets, covering the leaks and breakages to give you a fully repaired drain pipe 4 times stronger than PVC.

As long as the pipe’s outer shell is intact, and the water flow function is not disrupted, sewer pipe lining provides the most effective solution to repair damaged drain pipes. When the pipe is crushed, broken, or has shifted away from the main line, excavation and pipe replacement are more feasible.

Why Get Trenchless Pipe Repair For Your Sewer Pipes?

1. A Permanent Solution for Damaged Pipes

Relining sewer pipes offers a permanent solution to repair broken or leaking pipes. It has a life expectancy of 50 years, giving newly reinforced pipes at half the cost of new pipe replacement. Pipe rehabilitation gets rid of recurring drain blockages caused and leakages caused by holes, cracks, and tree root intrusion.

2. No Need For Expensive Excavation

Pipe relining technology is trenchless. The pipes can be accessed via the drain opening, a manhole, or a small temporary opening that can be closed after the work is completed. That means there’s no need for expensive excavation equipment and thousands of dollars in labour costs to reach the underground pipes.

3. Improved Functionality

When the existing sewer pipes are relined, it creates a smooth surface that fills in all the gaps and cracks, providing improved functionality and durability. It minimises the chances of root intrusion, leaks, and blockages for a longer period, improving water flow and performance.

4. Cheaper Than Conventional Pipe Repair

Convention pipe replacement is costly and time-consuming. While the actual replacement process may be cheaper than the pipe relining equipment, the labour and excavation cost alone is double that of the entire pipe relining process. It also does not include the damage to your gardens, yards, pavement, and driveway.

Pipe rehabilitation is not only quick but a more economical and long-term solution to pipe repair and replacement.

5. A Complete Repair Solution

Trenchless sewer pipe repair is versatile and flexible. It can be done on lateral, horizontal, and vertical pipes and isolated sections or patches with junction and joint repair. Pipe relining technicians use state-of-the-art technology like robotic cutters, CCTV cameras, and hydro drain jets to cut through obstructions and prepare a smooth surface for the relining process.

Sewer Pipe Relining Specialists Sydney

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